As you know, water is the source of all life. But it is with water in our body can penetrate harmful substances, and then it becomes a source of danger. The company Pure Rain Storage for many years to care about the quality of drinking water. Powerful efficient filters and water storage systems have been developed. Each development has passed many stages of verification. Water treatment plants of the company are certified and have a guarantee up to 20 years. Today, the company successfully operates in America and Canada, Chile and Israel, Italy and other European countries successfully enters the Ukrainian market and has established itself in the world.

A picture of water conservation and the words " relief under all circumstances ".

In order to understand what danger water can carry, it is enough just to open the Internet. We are talking about tap water, distilled (in a large number), as well as desalinated water with modern technologies. The danger can carry and artesian water. Any water should be tested in the laboratory so that your family does not have health problems in the future. But the most convenient and surprising in our offer is that our installations not only clean ground or tap water, but have the ability to collect and clean rainwater. This will significantly reduce costs, as well as not having a personal well or running water, you will always have drinking water or water for watering. It is important to note that each of the installations has a fire hose that will ensure your safety in the event of a fire.