The Company is glad to announce its first Intellectual Property Patent through WIPO, Geneva. The Quad 3-Stage Sub-1 Micron Fast-Flo Point of Entry Potable Water Treatment System offers a revolutionary way to remove heavy metals from potable water supplies entering a building. The fast-flow design allows whole-home applications thereby reducing hard-to-remove metals such as Pb, As, Hg, Cd, Cr from showers and all taps within the building. Complete story and videos to follow. Please stay tuned to TSWS,  Inc. 

With our system, you have a mini water utility unit that essentially does what your local water utility cannot do. It does more for less.

ALL WATER BACTERIA – FREE (not just at the kitchen sink)

While whole-house water filtering is not new and many companies offer products to this end, the TSWS products uniquely serve many needs simultaneously. The TSWS unit is installed outside the building thereby avoiding expensive plumbing requirements. UV is a 3rd stage; automatically removing organisms that enter water through broken, old, leaking underground water delivery systems. You do not have to “add on” a UV unit as in many whole house systems. It does more for less.


The TSWS water treatment system does what no system in the market can do. It provides target –specific filtered water at high flow speeds into the home. These are typically 5 – 8 gallons per minute. In the vast array of whole house appliances, the requirement for very slow water filtering to remove or reduce Boron, Arsenic, Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Nitrates, Perchlorate,  etc. means the water delivered is low volume per day because the filtering process must be slow.   The “Contact Time” these contaminants spend with GAC (granulated carbon) or our Coconut Carbon Block must be long. Hence the flow of water through the unit  decreases dramatically.  Our system allows this slow flow yet achieves an overall high flow into your water line so all of your taps see purer, cleaner, healthier water from every tap or shower head with little noticeable decrease in the overall flow rate.  

The byproducts of chlorine and personal care products found in your drinking water are reduced as before; all chlorine is removed. This is a relatively low cost appliance compared to the cost of other leading whole house units. It does more for less.

It has great advantages over Reverse Osmosis systems because, while RO can remove and reduce the hard to reach toxic contaminants also, they waste over 7000 gallons of potable water per year (about 20 gallons a day) while also removing Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium ions essential to good health (provided their concentration is not too “hard”, i.e. about 80 – 140 mg/L). And, while RO will provide distilled, clean water at the kitchen sink, it does not filter water in your showers or other taps in the home. The TSWS system does. It does more for less.


Our second product automatically captures rain when available, filters it and makes it potable before it is delivered into the home. It provides a large water storage solution, 1,600 gallons or more. This is adequate water to provide protection against oncoming fire, or to provide 200 days of emergency water during a drought, chemical spill, fracking incident, etc. TSWS storage tanks are a slim profile designed for small spaces, yet attractive and well suited for the urban landscape. Fresh, clean potable water security, forest fire security or off grid water security. The TSWS system: It does more for less.