Bob Baños
Bob Baños

We are a public health solutions company. The mission is to bring chemistry, engineering, and sensor technology together to develop reasonable, low-cost solutions to potable water issues. Helping reduce disease-causing  contaminants from all showers,  sinks, and other taps in your home combined with systems that economically redirect and capture rainwater, well or city water for treatment and delivery completes our mission.


There is a crisis over clean water and it is not ahead of us. The paradigm shift underway across 190 countries is how to re-think water. How do we rethink usage, collection, storage, distribution, treatment, and sharing of diminishing reserves of fresh water on our planet? In the US alone, nineteen and one half million citizens per year, about 6% of the nation or 54,200 per day, become sick from water they drink. Perhaps one million per day are suffering long term consequences of contaminants in their drinking water leading to disease and poor health. That is not a small number. EPA estimates this number at about 290 million, about 88% of the country (using 2014 census numbers).  We must take charge of our own health. No one else will.  

Some companies say their water is like the rain.





We propose to improve public health by improving your water at the tap. Every tap.  So you can drink it again. 

In 2012,  at least 74 million Americans in thousands of communities across 42 states drank tap water polluted with “total chromium,” including hexavalent chromium, (Cr vi) and other forms of the metal.  Increasing concentrations of “THMs” and Personal Hygiene Products are increasingly causing human sickness leading to disease as reported by a 2013 report from EWG, a consultant group to Departments of Public Health across the country. About twenty million Americans suffered a water-related illness last year; some 54,000 per day.  And that number is just reported cases.  CDC estimates that true numbers are likely far higher. Two hundred eighty million Americans, 84% of the country, drank water with toxic byproducts of chlorine (EPA Report , 2014)



TSWS holds high standards for purifying drinking water at every tap. Small trace concentrations of PPCPs (pharmaceuticals & personal care products), EDCs (endocrine disrupting compounds) and THMs (halogenated methanes) are present in most of the country’s drinking water. Permissible levels of these toxins are probably 1000 times higher than they should be as emerging studies confirm that chemical pathways to disease are sensitive to not parts per billion but parts per trillion in water.   The American Congress has been informed but has not acted on these new findings.


Water districts comply with AWWA/ANSI standards 42, 53, 55 and 60 for potability. These standards try to ensure that biological agents (pathogens) are eliminated in drinking water. They are however, not able to eliminate, much less control, three other components of potable water: 1] neurotoxicity, 2] immune response impact and 3] endocrine response impact.   Degradation of our environment has led to alarming concentrations of these components which inevitably find their way into drinking water and play a major role in the 1 in 3 and 1 in 4 men and women in the USA who will end up as cancer statistics.

EPA now regards water that once was deemed  “safe to drink” as  “acceptable risk”.  It is important that we work together with local water utilities to help improve the public health.  But you must take charge of  your own health.