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We appreciate donations to support our efforts to update this space with current science research findings on what is really going on with water  that reaches our tap. Every region in the country has different issues.  Over time we hope to map the entire tap water territory for the water end-user.   You.

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    • 6000 people in the USA die from all causes.  Every day.
    • 1616 of these die from all Cancers. Every day.
    • 1,658,000 new cancer cases will occur in 2015  (ACS estimate). Most triggered by water contaminants.
    • 280,000,000 – about 85% of the USA, will drink disinfection byproducts from chlorine.This year alone.
    • 53,500 Americans contract a water-borne illness1 .  Every day. And these are only the “reported†cases.True numbers? Probably times three.
    • About 103 Americans on average die every day – needlessly – from a water-borne disease. Globally, nearly 9,000 die daily from pathogens or toxins.
    • All cancer uses water as a route to disease. (http://www.canceractive.com/cancer-active-page-link.aspx?n=247) 
    • Two – Three children die from toxic water usually through diarrhea. Every minute. (3000 – 4000 babies every day)    – WHO, UNICEF.
    • “The risk of disease associated with public drinking water has passed from the theoretical to the realâ€. – Carol Browner , former EPA chief – 2012.
    • “Each day in America, approx. 40 cases of rectal cancer may be associated with THMs (chlorination by-products). This number is growing. – Ralph Riley .– Head of Natl. Pool Water treatment advisory group. EPA said: 3,000 cases of colorectal cancer in men annually could be prevented. With clean water.
    • “We are poised at a health crisis point regarding endocrine health and therefore disease including many cancers from the tap water in the country today†– L. Birnbaum – report to congress 2010, 2012.
    • Today, 1 in 3  American men, 1 in 4 American women , will become cancer statistics  . Cancer is a man-made disease…The purity of our (drinking) water is one of the most important factors in the prevention of degenerative disease.†– Natl. Inst. of Health (NIH) 2, 3 .
    • EPA regards water once labeled “safe to drink†as “acceptable riskâ€, since they are unable to eliminate these other compounds from treated water.
    • “Fifty % of all chronic human disease would go away — you would empty 50% of the hospital beds in the world — if you just gave people clean water”. -DeanKamon, http://www.dekaresearch.com/index.shtml.
    • 1 Morris, R. and R. Levin, “Estimating the Incidence of Waterborne Infectious Disease Related to Drinking Water in the United States,†Assessing and Managing Health Risks From Drinking Water Contamination, E. Richard, ed., International Association of Hydrological Sciences, Great Britain, 1995. Estimates for 2014 are a factor of 10 2higher than studies circa 1995.  
    • 2 http://seer.cancer.gov/csr/1975_2011/results_merged/topc_lifetime_risk_diagnosis.pdf
    • 3 http://www.cancer.org/cancer/cancerbasics/lifetime-probability-of-developing-or-dying-from-cancer