The Company is glad to announce its first Intellectual Property Patent through WIPO, Geneva. The Quad 3-Stage Sub-1 Micron Fast-Flo Point of Entry Potable Water Treatment System offers a revolutionary way to remove heavy metals from potable water supplies entering a building. The fast-flow design allows whole-home applications thereby reducing hard-to-remove metals such as Pb, As, Hg, Cd, Cr from showers and all taps within the building. Complete story and videos to follow. Please stay tuned to TSWS,  Inc. 

Plans include installation of this unit in restaurants and buildings where daily water demand can exceed 5000 gallons (19,000 L) .

Because the landscape is rapidly changing to ensure, by legal means, where necessary, in many cities across countries in both Europe and North and South of America’s borders, a provably clean water source for restaurants, schools, churches, as well as residential buildings, the TSWS QUAD 3 Unit brings carbon block technology to a level new to the whole-house potable water market.   The new, efficient, fast-flow design of TSWS products allows a nearly toxin-free water environment for showers, and sinks with heads-up dashboard monitoring of the water treatment unit to make operation of our appliance , quick, worry -free, and easy. 

TSWS is proud to bring the water treatment plant in your community right up to your doorstep.  Given that water main breaks occur every two minutes in the USA, given the rapidly diminishing aquifers of fresh water, increasing runoff of herbicides and increasing concentrations of personal and pharmaceutical health care products in our drinking water, The QUAD 3 lets you drink safe, clean water in peace while reducing plastic into the environment.  Why buy so much bottled water.  Your water now is very likely far cleaner and safer than the potable water bottled water in your refrigerator.

THE STRAIGHT SCOOP IS THIS: Chlorination at your water district is the attempt to eliminate pathogens before water reaches your glass. In thousands  of water treatment plants and delivery systems throughout the USA the chlorination only kills the microbial content in potable water, while harmful toxins leading to disease remain and are not  and never have been removed by chlorine.  TSWS has you covered.  Our unit uses UV as a stage in the processing of our water.  Not only are the heavy metals and VOCs now safely eliminated to very low levels, but any pathogens introduced into your water from a degraded environment and broken water delivery infrastructure, – after the water leaves your water utility plant, are also a second-time-removed (reproductive machinery in pathogens is destroyed allowing you to drink the water).  You have your own mini water treatment plant at your fingertips.  

FINAL NOTE: How many cigarettes must you smoke before pulmonary and respiratory problems set in?    How many pied pipers must you follow who assure you there is no cause for alarm?  When the Director of the National Institute for Environmental Science says flat out to a Congressional subcommittee in 2010, to paraphrase, “The USA is at a crisis point in endocrine health due toxic drinking water”, and in the past five years absolutely no steps have been taken to address a crumbling water delivery system in the country, then draw your own conclusion.   

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